GEN Tourism and FRAM leading high positions in the Greek Tourism Market

Monday, 27th of July 2020

This year, most of businesses, especially Tourism businesses are facing extremely complicated and difficult moments. The global Tourism Industry is facing a huge crisis, triggering uncertainty, pressure and insecurity. The impact of COVID-19 to the economy is enormous!

Greece, High Season 2020

From March up until now, Greece has timely taken all necessary measures and precautions to effectively slow down the spread of the virus in the country. It is a world-wide known and recognized fact. As a result, tourists travelling to Greece should feel confident that their safety is well thought and preserved, amid the global COVID-19 condition.


GEN Tourism, co-operator of FRAM, being for more than 4 years the prior responsible company for its operation in Greece, can assure that, this year was definitely the toughest one. We risked opening our club-hotel Dolce Athens Attica Riviera in account of “Framissima Club” FRAM. The first months were really tough and everything seemed to be a big fail, such us many other respected businesses that risked operating under the pressure of COVID-19 crisis. June and July were the biggest surprise for us because, not only the reservations were surpassing the average amount of reservations in the general tourism market regarding high season months but also we had to examine the possibility of signing extra contracts in order to have sales availability and accommodation availability for the upcoming months.

Following the global protocols, all of the regulations and measures for the protection from COVID-19 (#safetravels), our operations are working extremely carefully towards our clients. Our clients are getting checked before and during their accommodation and also before and after their transfers (arrival/ departures – excursions). We value the health of each client and of course our country that “fights” against COVID-19 with success. Our number one priority will always be the safety and pleasure of our clients.

By this article, we would like to express our gratefulness to our suppliers, partners, and co-operators for their trust and support, facing the same pressure, stress and difficulties during this tough season.


Thank you,

With Respect to the Global Tourism Industry,

GEN Tourism,

Greek Incoming Tourism Agency


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